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Vision Chine is one of the partner. 

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VISION CHINE is the living China.

An original vision for Chinese news. 

A deep look into Chinese society. 

A panoramic view of today's China.

 VISION CHINE is probably the only French monthly magazine dedicated to present a real and living China to French readers today. 

In VISION CHINE, we cover a wide range of topics: economy, society, culture, environment, history, sport, etc.,plus an overview of businesses in China, French companies in Chinese-speaking environment, Chinese companies and entrepreneurs in France and all the information that can help readers know China better. 

Contributed by a group of talented writers and editors with insiders' insights, VISION CHINE follows the metamorphosis of China and brings you an uncut and uncensored China. 

VISION CHINE is now published 11 issues annually and sells in newsstands.

European partners: 

Science and Technology Section of Chinese Embassy in France, Mairie de Paris, Paris 13th District Government, 

Paris Enterprise Development Agency, Chinese association of academic and scientific & technological circles in France.